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Offer Portuguese Flavours and turn your wedding day into a memorable experience by surprising and delighting your guests with original and customizable wedding favours that radiate elegance, refinement and exclusivity.

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More than 100 different flavours of jams in tubes, dark chocolate spreads, Portuguese honey, olive pastes, chutneys, olive oils and artisanal liqueurs. 100% Portuguese Gourmet products that value all regions of Portugal

Wedding Favours Memorable, Unique & Exclusive

There are details that cannot be missed on the big day, so that your wedding is memorable. One of the smaller but still very important decisions is choosing which wedding favours will you give to your guests. This step can be challenging as it involves considering several factors and preferences! We have listed some common considerations when choosing favours for your wedding guests:

1Usefulness and experiences

1Usefulness and experiences

Deciding whether the favours for your guests will be useful and practical or whether they will have a purely symbolic value. Gourmet products, seasonal products, local products or products from the region where the wedding takes place, or origin of the bride and groom, such as traditional jams, chocolates, honeys, liqueurs, olive pastes, olive oils, teas, always provide experiences and memories that all guests will enjoy and appreciate.

2Uniqueness and Exclusivity

2Uniqueness and Exclusivity

Offering a wedding favour that no one has ever imagined, something unique, with refinement and elegance, will delight and create a surprise and joyful effect on your guests and unique memories of your wedding.

3Customization & Design, colours and messages

3Customization & Design, colours and messages

Choosing favours that illustrate the theme and color palette of the wedding, that tell the bride and groom's love story, while reflecting refinement and elegance, can be a challenge. It's an exclusive way to thank your guests for being a part of the big day.

4Tell your love story, your personal preferences

4Tell your love story, your personal preferences

Select favours that have a personal meaning for the couple and that convey their love story, while at the same time pleasing a variety of guests with different preferences.

5Budget and Number of Guests

5Budget and Number of Guests

Balancing the desire to provide memorable favours with a limited budget can be a challenging task, but it is often worth investing a little extra in useful and unique wedding favours that will surprise and are one of the ways to create the WOW effect and delight your guests. Determine the number of favours, not forgetting the ones for groomsmen and bridesmaids, for whom you should reserve something more special.

6Sustainability and cultural connections

6Sustainability and cultural connections

Many brides and grooms consider sustainability (recyclable materials, local and national producers) when choosing wedding favours. Consider the different cultural backgrounds of your guests and choose favours that are respectful and inclusive.

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Depending on nationality and the country where you are located, the usual timing for planning a wedding varies. Starting to plan a wedding in the United States (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) is normally 15-16 months in advance, in Western Europe, in countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and even in Brazil, wedding planning begins between 14 to 11 months before the scheduled date.

Wedding planning: average duration in months

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  • 8-10
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